About Our Fire Station

Welcome to the new website of the Eldridge Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

We are a small town volunteer fire department, with approximately 20 to 30 members at any time. We are located in Eldridge, Iowa, which is on the eastern side of the state. We are approximately 6 miles (or 10 minutes) North of Davenport, Iowa and approximately 11 miles (or 20 minutes) from the mighty Mississippi river. Our last city census in 2017, measured 6,500 residents and we believe that number to be currently higher with our constant growth.

The Eldridge Volunteer Fire Company was founded in 1904, after a large fire started downtown and multiple buildings were destroyed. The citizens were unable to stop the blaze with no fire department at the time. We are currently are running 800+ calls for service a year. We are “out the door” at least once per day and most times, multiple times per day. We have 7 apparatus in service, with 6 fire trucks and 1 command SUV.

We pride ourselves in being professional and courteous in everything we do. Combine that with the number of calls we run and most local folks believe we are a paid full time fire department. We also take pride in our training's and constant education to always be on the cutting edge of fire technologies to better serve our community. Our volunteer firefighters come from all walks of life.

We are administrative professionals, computer/IT professionals, mechanics, factory workers, students, parents and more. We are dedicated to serving our community and it’s citizens whenever they should need us, whenever the call arises.

We are Eldridge Volunteer Firefighters!




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