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How To Keep Safe

Keeping safe is all about prevention and knowledge. If you know how to prepare for fire and weather situations you are more likely to survive situations like fire and severe weather. The Eldridge Fire Department has compiled information and check lists to help educate you on what to do and provide some download-able checklists for your home or business. We have two sections (Home Safety) and (Weather Safety) to address specific information for you. We would also like to highlight some of the programs we offer in the Eldridge community to help educate students.

Teaching Kids About Fire Safety

We work with local schools to help teach kids about our department and how to be safe. If your class would like to visit our station, please contact us about scheduling a time for a visit and presentation. Click here to contact us.


Weather Siren Test

The City of Eldridge performs weather siren testing the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM. The test last 30 seconds.


Home Safety

Read about how to keep you home safe with information and down-loadable articles and checklists.
Click here for more info on home safety.


Severe Weather Safety

Weather in Iowa can be severe. Our weather safety section provide valuable information on dealing with severe weather events and how to stay safe.
Click here for more info on weather safety.



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